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Descargar libro de Amazon como crack LIFE TIME 9780241993392 de RUSSELL FOSTER


A GUIDE TO USING THE SCIENCE OF THE BODY CLOCK TO CREATE THE OPTIMUM PERSONAL ROUTINE. SLEEP BETTER, WORK BETTER, FEEL BETTER.A superlative guide to some of the most intriguing questions of human existence Bill BrysonIn the twenty-first century, we increasingly push our daily routines into the night, carrying out work, exercise and our social lives long after dark. But we have forgotten that our bodies are governed by a 24-hour biological clock which guides us towards the best time to sleep, eat and think. New science has proven that living out of sync with this clock is not only disrupting our sleep, but leaving us more vulnerable to infection, cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and mental illness.In Life Time, Professor Russell Foster shares his lifes work, taking us on a fascinating and surprising journey through the science of our body clocks. Using his own studies, as well as insights from an international community of sleep scientists and biologists studying circadian rhythms, he illustrates the surprising effects the time of day can have on our health:- how a walk outside at dawn can ensure a better nights sleep- how eating after sundown can affect our weight- the extraordinary effects the time we take our medication can have on our risk of life-threatening conditions, such as strokesIn the modern world, we have neglected an essential part of our biology. But with knowledge of this astonishing science, we can get back into the rhythm, and live healthier, sharper lives.

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